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    Guests (or mountain staff) planning to be at Falls Creek Alpine Resort on Wednesday 26 July will be able to take part in an amazing journey with Malcolm Stopp the Brand Ambassador and Educator for Peter Lehmann Wines.
    Stopp has spent 38 years working in the wine and has had the opportunity to work with the late “PL” as he was affectionately known.
    This has given him unrivaled knowledge of the wines and winemaking process, the community and the region, making him one of the most highly respected guardians of the Peter Lehmann brand.
    The team at elk Restaurant, located in the heart of Falls Creek, will create an appropriate array of courses to match the Peter Lehmann Wines. Head Chef from 360q Queenscliff Mat Hallam is making a guest appearance.Mine host Stopp will, throughout the evening, provide his intimate knowledge of how each wine was produced and how the winemaker/s tweaked the grapes before the end product was made available to wine enthusiasts

    Canapes: Peter Lehmann Sparkling Chardonnay Pinot Cuvee Brut

    Parmesan goujeres Prawns w nouc cham

    Entrée: Peter Lehmann Hill and Valley Pinot Gris
    Scallops on the half shell w apple & waldorf

    2nd Entree
    Ham hock terrine w pistachio nuts, yuzu gel & crackling

    Main course: Peter Lehmann Hill and Valley Tempranillo & Cabernet Sauvignon
    Confit duck leg w vanilla roasted parsnip puree, broccolini & plum jus

    Cheese Selection Peter Lehmann The King Fortified

    Cost $100 per person

    To secure a spot call elk Restaurant Tel 5758 3673

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    Last year I did a wine tour of the Barossa that included lunch and some great wine tasting at Peter Lehmann Wines. I don't use the word great lightly, we were able to taste all their best wines including the renowned Stonewell Shiraz.

    Message to self : must remember to book a BYO restaurant soon to take the last of my bottles of Peter Lehmann 8 Songs Shiraz !

    During the tour the tour guide told us the story of how Peter Lehmann saved the Barossa wine industry in the late 70's.
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    wish it was this week:yum: