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Working in Canada? Be informed & prepared.

Discussion in 'Noticeboard' started by MTBjaz, Oct 26, 2010.

  1. MTBjaz

    MTBjaz First Runs

    Nov 12, 2008
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    Forgive me for making this post (I'm normally a reader, not poster), as I'm sure a lot of people are aware of the info in it, but I live in Vancouver and keep coming across lost Aussies trying to find out info on what they need to do to work in Canada in the snow fields. I know what it's like, I was one of those lost Aussies 10 years ago in Whistler.

    Because of the above, and now that I live in Vancouver permanently, I've made a website over the last couple of years with as much knowledge about living & working over here as I possibly could gather - not selling anything, just trying to help folks out so they don't end up in the same spot I was.

    So, here I present my "Living & Working in Canada 101"

    Step 1: Read up on what you need to do to get your work permit, and apply for it at least a couple of months before you go. http://canaussie.com/articles/work-permits-a-getting-to-canada/how-to-get-a-canadian-work-permit

    Step 2: Get your travel insurance (more info on that). Don't skip it, just get it. If you plan on being here more than 4 months, you can get the local version of medicare, MSP.

    Step 3: Book your flights AFTER you get your work permit. I've never actually heard of anyone being denied their permit (even a couple with a few minor violations on their record), so you should be okay, but just play it safe.

    Step 4: Once you land in Canada, and BEFORE you head up to the slopes, make sure you get your SIN number. This is basically very similar to your tax file number and people won't employ you unless you can show them the number/card and your work permit (they'll want to get a copy of that too, most likely). More info on SINs and where to get them.

    From there you can do all the fun stuff, like getting bank accounts (you only need your work permit and an address to set up an account, and the address doesn't even need to be permanent as most do electronic statements), finding accomodation etc etc...

    Oh, and also, as you'll find out when you get over here, Canadian mobile phone providers suck. Most common option for Aussies seems to be to bring your Aussie phone and get a sim card from Fido, as they're compatible with our phones and do a prepaid plan, but with most providers here you'll still get the feeling of being bent over.

    I could go on and on of course, but there's a lot more info both in previous threads on here but also on my site - http://canaussie.com/

    Feel free to message me any q's or ask them in the forum over there or whatever.

    This winter is going to be awesome btw! [​IMG]

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