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Skis WTB-cross country/light touring ski, 160/165cm (Vic)

Discussion in 'Gear Swap' started by adventuremum, Jul 3, 2020.

  1. adventuremum

    adventuremum Hard Yards

    Jun 18, 2018
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    I'm after a cross-country/ light touring ski, 160-165cm, pattern base, metal edge, NNN BC binding
    It's for 13yo (48kg, 160cm) and using both at Lake Mountain and Mt Buffalo, Stirling, Mt Saint Gwinear etc (and snow camping, as well as day touring, hopefully!)
    • Or if you have suitable skis without NNN BC binding, but compatible with NNN BC that's an option.
    • Or if you don't have anything, but can recommend s/h skis to look out for that would be great! I don't know what older skis would be equivalent to current new models:
    • Asnes Ingstad 165 (109/79/95)
    • Madshus Eon 165 (83/62/70)
    • Madshus Epoch 165 (99/68/84)
    • Madshud Annum 165 (109/79/95)
    • Rossignol BC70 160 (70/60/65)
    • Rossignol BC90 159 (88/60/78)
    • Fischer Traverse 78 169 (78/61/69)
    • Madshus Glittertind 170 (68/55/62)
    Also looking for NNN BC Boots, size 40 (see separate post)
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