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Mar 14, 1995
Doonks is one of our original volunteer moderators from waaaaay back in 1999 (or maybe it was 1998, no matter..)

He's still here.

Two, or sometimes three times a week, Doonks creates a new thread for his Joke Of The Day (JOTD)

These so called 'jokes' are terrible shaggy dog stories or plain bad dad jokes shamelessly stolen from elsewhere on the intertubes.

On Friday's it's the 'smackdown'. Smackdown jokes are supposed to be 'the best'.

They are not.

They are 'the worst'

The deal is this;

No one likes these lame-ass 'jokes' and your job, should you choose to participate, is to wail on Doonks fkcuked up jokes, throw shade and generally denigrate his notion of humor, because.. that's the Aussie way. Doonks has a thick hide. Plus, well.. he just deserves the angst for polluting our otherwise pristine forum with his click-bait rubbish.

Even if, on the off chance, one of these (frankly shit awful) jokes may make you lift a small smile to one side, you shall NEVER EVER reveal such - else you will be banished from the forums and become dead to your fellow peers. It's just not cricket.

This ritual has been going on for over ten years. TEN YEARS! It's a travesty of justice.

In May 2019, we held a protest rally at The Windsor in Melbourne. Almost fifty people attended as a show of solidarity in removing this ongoing scourge from our forums.

Half way through the evening the music was cut and Doonks (who was not invited and had just let himself in) told some jokes.

No one laughed.

The music was returned and we continued our protest by consuming alcamahol like it was still the 1970's.

And just like so many of those hippie protest efforts of yesteryear. NOTHING CHANGED.

Despite our best efforts to date, Doonks still posts his dumb-ass JOTD several times a week.

Should you see a Doonks JOTD in the wild, please help by posting your disdain immediately. Everything always comes to an end eventually - and with your help, that end can be sooner rather than later.

Thanks for reading, and please dislike Doonks JOTD when you can.

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Jun 4, 2008
Kate says "I'm listening"

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Jul 25, 2000
Melbourne Australia
DJOTD is produced at a secret location in Melbourne and Shanghai. 24x7 around the clock joke writers are employed to bring you nothing but the worst possible jokes available today.
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